Trade Shows & Museum Exhibits

CU Museum of Natural History Exhibits

Since 2007 Char has assisted the art department at CU’s Museum of Natural History in producing more than 10 exhibits. Subjects range from insects, plants and fossils to Navajo weavings and the impact of global warming on Inuit people living in the Arctic. These are some of her favorite projects because she so enjoys the subject matter, the challenge of the size and volume of information being presented, and also the fun of working with a team to create fascinating educational displays for the public.

CU flower exhibit 5474wCU flower exhibit 5506w

CU flower exhibit 5503w CU flower exhibit 5489w

F&D International Trade Show Displays

FDI CASB show display1Char has created trade show displays for F&D International since 2008. Presenting appealing images and readable, succinct content for their architectural and engineering service company is paramount when it comes to attracting new business at trade shows.

fdi show display panels

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