Love, Lance and Lola

LoveLL cover-frontLynette Taylor created this delightful children’s book as 3-D paper collages. We worked together to be sure her images were photographed correctly (leaving space around the edges for a printing bleed), adjustments were made as needed in Photoshop, and all pages were laid out for the printing process. She hand stamped or hand wrote all the text, but front and back matter pages required a matching font placed over the photographed collages. Some of the pages also needed reworking for display on her website. The result was stellar. Lynette’s satisfaction was clear: “I should have included a paragraph thanking you for all your hard work! I’m really happy with the way the book is turning out and I know it was a much bigger project than any of us had anticipated. I feel so lucky to have connected with you – I know it is rare to find someone willing to be so helpful and patient! I thank you and Lance and Lola thank you.”

Chautauqua Cookbook

Here is a portion of a cookbook Char designed and produced for the Chautauqua cottagers. Sara Carlson, one of the publishers/residents, had this to say, “Her work for the book was fine; so specific for the old Chautauqua look we wanted. Our product was and still is, a handsome, finished book. During that time Char was accessible and patient. She is a professional and comes highly recommended from me.”


Bicycling Bliss

bookdesignbb551Click the image to download this project as a pdf

This is a sample portion of a 480-page book, Bicycling Bliss. Char designed and produced the complete interior of this beautiful book. The author Portia Masterson is a consummate bicycler and owned a bicycle shop in Golden, Colorado for many years. Her book is a thorough resource for all cyclists.

Portia has this to say about our work together: “The professional and accessible design of Bicycling Bliss is the skilled creativity of Char Campbell. I routinely refer my author friends to her with a whole-hearted endorsement of her work.”

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