41CharCampbell200xChar Campbell is a veteran graphic designer for print projects, an enthusiastic artist, a trained counselor/psychotherapist, and a creative play specialist.

Her design career launched in 1988 with a catalog project, and after six years of on-the-job learning, Char went rogue (freelance). She makes life easier for her clients who are conference organizers, nonprofits, and small companies by providing timely, clear and attractive print materials that show the best side of the business. Clients include AIDS, Medicine & Miracles, American Cancer Society, Association of Personal Historians, Eco-Cycle, Eco-Products, Hospice of Boulder County, Mountain Plains NAHRO, Society for Creative Aging, Natural Awakenings Magazine, and University of Colorado Museum of Natural History.

Recently Char blended her array of creative and psychological talents to uplift people struggling with the stressful and ever-increasing pressures of their work and personal lives. She offers programs on how to use play and hidden creativity for enhanced productivity and resilience in life.

Char’s deep interest in the human condition fostered her ardent studies of the importance of play for all ages. She encourages people to remember life can be fun by helping them build on the enjoyable things they already do.